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The Heart of Jesus' Teaching
The Key to Transforming Christianity & Our World
Ruth Whitney,
IN THIS DARING AND HOPEFUL BOOK, theologian Ruth Whitney calls on Christians everywhere to re-awaken to Jesus' original message. "The presence of the divine is within all of us and all creation". We are all sacred. Jesus' second fundamental message is LOVE—we are to love ourselves, our neighbors, even our enemies, all nature … and the Holy One … with all our heart.
When we live these two basic teachings by seeing the Sacred presence and radiating love, Christians and our religion, the author proposes, will become so "spiritually alive" that we will begin to transform our world in many both practical and intangible ways, and create a "revolution of love."
Professor of Ethics at Marquette University and author and editor of thirteen books, including Whose Church? and The Moral Core of Judaism and Christianity
"Writing with passion and courage, Ruth Whitney sets out to rescue Jesus from what Christianity has become. She offers fresh and radical thinking on the meaning of 'God' and afterlife, and she shows that Jesus may be the most misunderstood person in history. Whitney uncovers the moral and spiritual core of Jesus’ teaching. This book is exciting and freeing."
Theology professor, Claremont School of Theology, author and editor of 38 books, including Women and Redemption, and Catholic Does Not Equal the Vatican
"Ruth Whitney's new book, The Heart of Jesus' Teaching, is a radical rediscovery of the spiritual essence of Jesus' message, over against the long Christian history of dogmas about Jesus and his divine nature and redemptive work. For Whitney, the heart of Jesus' teaching is simply that God is present in all of us equally and we are all called to love and care for one another. If the Christian churches would put aside dogmas about Jesus and if Christians focus on doing Jesus' message, the world would truly be transformed."
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Six Stages on the Spirtual Path
A Way to Transform Ourselves and Our World
Ruth Whitney,
In Six Stages on the Spiritual Path, we learn about spirituality and its stages as well as how spirituality helps to reduce our suffering and create more love. Writings from ancient to contemporary mystics across the world provide us with practical and spiritual wisdom that will make our lives happier and more loving.

In the first stage on the mystic way, children experience awe and wonder, but they do not realize that this is a spiritual experience. While all indigenous people recognize awe as a mystical experience, only some adults and most artists do. When parents and religious leaders teach children about God, they cause their spiritual growth to flourish or to become stunted at an elementary school level.

Awakening is an experience of the Divine that helps us realize that the Sacred Spirit is within us and loves us. Awakening produces love for our neighbors and ourselves. Then love nurtures more awakenings. Illumination and union are deeper mystical experiences that the Holy One is not only within all of us and all of creation, but also that we are within the ONE. Illumination creates more love for all people and all the universe.
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